We’re on Soundcloud!  We’ve been creating original score over the past several film races and projects, so we decided it was time we share our music online.  So, give us a listen! And stay tuned as we add more musical compositions from past projects and those still to come.

The Return of Denny Murray

When provided with the character “Denny Murray: Activist,” paired with “Holiday Film” back in 2012 for that year’s 48 Hour Film Project, we had no idea that we would go on  to create one of our all-time favorite characters.  The character-driven mockumentary, Last Friday In April, continues to be one of the best films we’ve ever made.  Between…

Arbor Day Flashbacks

While searching through our archives for an unrelated project, we stumbled across some previously unshared photos from Last Friday In April!   So here they are, taking us back to when we first introduced Denny and Willow to the world.  Take a look!

Why We Do The 48 Hour Film Project

It’s no secret that we are long-standing participants and continued enthusiasts of the 48 Hour Film Project around here.  Apart from the stack of awards we have received over the years (including three for Best Cinematography, two for Best Editing, two for Best Special Effects, two for Audience Favorite and Best Film for Welcome to the Neighborhood, which screened at…