The Return of Denny Murray

When provided with the character “Denny Murray: Activist,” paired with “Holiday Film” back in 2012 for that year’s 48 Hour Film Project, we had no idea that we would go on  to create one of our all-time favorite characters. 

The character-driven mockumentary, Last Friday In April, continues to be one of the best films we’ve ever made.  Between Doug Powell’s performance, the story that evolves from the editing, and the sweet juncture of comedy and drama, it’s certainly one of our favorites.   If you haven’t seen it, give it a watch:

We always thought of it as a complete story; a one and done.  This past weekend, however, Denny Murray returned!  We had a great day of filming, thanks to an awesome crew and Doug’s fantastic energy. 

We can’t wait to share this fantastic sequel.  Look for it on Arbor Day, 2019!