CAPSULE: A 72 Fest Experience

We made another movie in 72 Hours!  Check out our latest film, CAPSULE. This will be one of our most ambitious films, with some of the broadest scope and vision.  Shaping up to be one of our new favorites.  Here’s hoping we will win lots of awards for this one at next weekend’s showcase!  

Spring 2019 Updates!

We have been super busy this Spring at Star Wipe!  We teased a sequel to Last Friday In April (fan-favorite film) and we are delighted to present the completed film – done just in time for Arbor Day!  We couldn’t be more ecstatic to bring Denny Murray back to the screen and are look forward to where his story…

The Return of Denny Murray

When provided with the character “Denny Murray: Activist,” paired with “Holiday Film” back in 2012 for that year’s 48 Hour Film Project, we had no idea that we would go on  to create one of our all-time favorite characters.  The character-driven mockumentary, Last Friday In April, continues to be one of the best films we’ve ever made.  Between…

Who Needs Cinematography?

In recognition of the Academy Awards choosing to relegate several key awards like Best Cinematography to the commercial breaks, we are pleased to release our special “Academy Cut” of our award winning film “Sophia”, which was also awarded Best Cinematography.