Brian & Claire at the Festival de Cannes!

Actress Claire Hadley and Brian Pennington represent Star Wipe Films at the 2013 Festival de Cannes!  We were so honored that Welcome to the Neighborhood has received such praise, including:

Official Selection, Court Métrage, Festival de Cannes (2013)
Winner: Top 15 Films, Filmapalooza (2012)
Winner of  Baltimore 48 Film Project (2012)
Winner: Best Actor (Doug Powell); Best use of character, Baltimore 48 Film Project (2012)


  1. Katie Damien says:

    Our 48 Hour short is going to Cannes this year. Some of the producers want to go. Any advice? Good places to eat? Good people to network with? How was your experience?

    1. Brian Pennington says:

      Katie. First off, congratulations on being a part of Festival de Cannes 2014. It is a truly magical experience.

      To start off, book your accommodations NOW! :). I had success using and renting a flat. You definitely want to rent a spot in Cannes. I was staying one town up the coast in Golf Juan and I spent far more in cab fares than I would have paying the premium to stay in Cannes. The transportation is horrendously unreliable too – because of two full busses, I showed up late during the screening of my own film!

      Richard Schuut, the 48 liaison to Cannes, is awesome. There will never be a dull moment when he’s around, and he can help be an ambassador for your project. Every day at 5 o’clock is free drinks happy hour in the short film corner, and Richard is always there. It usually evolves into “pavilion crawling”, or moving through the sea of each country’s film office pavilion which lines the Riviera. There are great people to meet in each pavilion!

      1. Katie Damien says:

        Awesome! Thanks for all the great tips. Were you there for the entire festival when you went? I’m trying to decide on going somewhere else in Europe either before or after… or just spending a full 2 weeks in Cannes. Our group is The film we made for competition was actually in the National Film Challenge. This was the first year we tried that one. Our movie was “Joint Effort.” I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your shorts. It would be really great to meet you!

        1. Brian Pennington says:

          Because I was so busy at that time, I was able to stay for only 5 days of the festival, though I did get to celebrate my Birthday whilst there! I had wanted to fly into Paris to visit a friend, but the layover in Moscow followed by arrival in Nice was too good of a deal.

          You really can stay busy during the festival, especially if you work to get into some of the film premieres. It’s a silly system, but as long as you reserve your spot and show up very early (and in black tie regalia), it’s not too tricky.

    2. Brian Pennington says:

      Hang out with the 48 teams from other countries. I am still very close with some very talented filmmakers I met during my trip.

      It is an amazing place and your trip will pass by in a flash. I am actually submitting two shorts this year, and hope to attend again. In the off chance I am able to go, I would certainly like to meet up with your team.



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