Out of the Black Hills…

Behold, the Upper Melinda Witch production stills!
Behind-the-scenes video clips coming soon, too! 

This weekend proved a bit of an unusual challenge for us.  We expected and prepared for rain and stormy weather; eagerly anticipating a gloomy backdrop to add to the dreary nature of the piece.  However, Saturday gave us long stretches of cheery sunlight, peppered with a passing cloud and light drizzles.  Still, we managed to hide the sun (for the most part), utilize what rain did fall, and adjust as Sunday rolled in with thunderstorms and downpours!

Overall, the weekend was a rousing success, and we are more than pleased with the material we’ve produced.  We couldn’t have made the weekend happen without the skill of our skeleton crew (no pun intended) and the morale of all the wonderful folks who turned up to volunteer as extras.

We can’t wait to dive into the edit!