Star Wipe Takes On The 72 Fest and Wins!

written by Brian Pennington

I am proud to present Sophia, our film from the 72 Hour Film Festival 2017.
The festival’s theme was Constellations, and our team’s criteria was the Green Myth of Demeter, Hades, and Persephone.

It always amazes me that we can all be running around in a cornfield in pitch dark, getting stuck on thorn bushes in the woods, and filming a dramatic colonial era scene in a basement next to a freezer, and yet something undeniably magic happens when all is said and done.

Huge thanks to the immensely talented Allie McFadden for fitting us in last minute and always bringing her A game, and Vish Vishwas for nailing a very stoic role that would have fallen flat in other hands.  Dave Gamble went from a CEO in a DUO shoot to a cruel village elder effortlessly. Jamie Boyd dealt with heavy costuming in a scorching hot field, and whipped up a melody for an ancient hymn about corn that drove our film’s climax. And here’s to the team that gets it done again and again: Karen Gill PenningtonRobin C. FarrellEan Saltzman, Jim PenningtonDave Garner, Tom Shortridge, Anna Bowers, Bonnie Pennington (who starred in this one too!), Annette Gill, Earl GillNick Baylor kept our spirits 10/10. Honorable mention to Douglas Henderson who had to work but would have made the shoot that much better.  DL Moody graciously loaned the Ronin stabilizer that made our shots smooth as butter.  Stephanie Hyder brought us a ton of costumes that helped round out our colonial inventory.

And thanks 72 Film Fest for forcing us to make a movie in a weekend, and giving us such a cool theme to run with.