“Once Upon A Bedroom”

Star Wipe Films’ fourteenth 48 Hour Film, Once Upon A Bedroom has been selected for the Washington, DC 48 “Best Of” Screening!

The team after the initial screening of this year’s films.

After a successful experience with the Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project last summer, we decided to give the DC 48 a go as well.  It was a slightly different experience this year; the drawing of the genres was altered to include two options, and we, the filmmakers, were left to choose which one we wanted to use.  In the past, the teams have drawn a single genre, then had the option to draw again, but by so doing, are then assigned that second genre by default, without the choice of the first draw.  We enjoyed this new method, but it was a difficult decision, tearing our filmmaking identity in half.

Comedy or Time Travel?  We love us some time travel, but we rarely get to try our hands at comedy, and even when we do, the pull is usually stronger to another genre; fantasy or drama or science fiction.  This time, however (no pun intended), we went for it and we stand by that decision.  With Eric Nolle on our writing team (the head screenwriter for Apocalypse Rock), the script and the hilarity within, came to us quickly and smoothly, while Brian led the production and editing.  The process was swift and we managed to finish early this year!

Photo credit: DL Moody

The resulting film is something of a modern fairy tale, in which a couple returns from holiday to find an unexpected surprise waiting for them in their bedroom.

Photo credit: DL Moody

We are honored to be featured in the “Best Of” selection again and can’t wait to attend.


For locals, the “Best Of” screening will be held Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 7:30pm at the AFI Silver Theatre.

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    This was so funny and so much fun to watch!

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